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Episode 003

Tony Howard – Quest Into The Unknown

A series of chance encounters, and a whaling ship, led Tony Howard from the rocky outcrops of Yorkshire to a first ascent of Troll Wall, the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. Howard then turned his sights east, to the sandstone towers of Jordan.

Episode 002

Waldo Etherington – Life in the Trees

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a professional tree climber, then this conversation with Waldo Etherington covers the basic necessities for getting started; a love of nature, a passion for “questing out”, and a hand-me-down sleeping bag.

Episode 001

Alastair Humphreys – Why we need adventure

If you’re looking for ways to live more adventurously, step away from your screen and spend more time in nature, then this conversation with Al Humphreys – around-the-world cyclist, ocean rower, desert walker and the inventor of the Microadventure – is chock-full of wisdom and inspiration.

Episode 000

Matt Pycroft – Welcome to Terra Incognita

A few words from Matt on the origins of this podcast, and his hopes for its future.