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Episode 013

Martin Hartley – A Couple of Cold Winters

A raw, honest and poignant conversation with acclaimed polar photographer Martin Hartley. In 2009, Martin was nominated as one of Time magazine’s Heroes of the Environment for his work documenting the state of the Arctic Ocean’s pack ice. A decade later, he’s setting off to photograph the last of the multi-year Arctic sea ice, before it’s all gone.

Episode 011

Megan Hine – Mind of a Survivor

Survival expert Megan has travelled far and wide in her search for answers and adventure. Serving up a healthy dose of outdoors enthusiasm, Meg talks about bushcraft and the importance of ‘dirt time’, as well as the need for more transparency on social media.

Episode 009

George Monbiot – Poisoned Arrows

In 1988, investigative journalist George Monbiot bluffed his way into West Papua with forged travel documents. What follows is a tale of rebels, of incredulous adventure through magical wilderness, and a little-known story of dispossession and devastation.

Episode 006

Aldo Kane – Cheerfulness in the Face of Adversity

How do you deal with fear? For former commando sniper Aldo Kane, it’s about understanding that that feeling is normal, a physiological reaction to get you ready for what you need to do next. From navigating the raging rapids of West Papua, to abseiling into Congolese volcanoes, Aldo is no stranger to unnerving situations and this conversation is overflowing with tales of courage, determination, and humility.

Episode 003

Tony Howard – Quest Into The Unknown

A series of chance encounters, and a whaling ship, led Tony Howard from the rocky outcrops of Yorkshire to a first ascent of Troll Wall, the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. Howard then turned his sights east, to the sandstone towers of Jordan.

Episode 002

Waldo Etherington – Life in the Trees

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a professional tree climber, then this conversation with Waldo Etherington covers the basic necessities for getting started; a love of nature, a passion for “questing out”, and a hand-me-down sleeping bag.

Episode 001

Alastair Humphreys – Why we need adventure

If you’re looking for ways to live more adventurously, step away from your screen and spend more time in nature, then this conversation with Al Humphreys – around-the-world cyclist, ocean rower, desert walker and the inventor of the Microadventure – is chock-full of wisdom and inspiration.

Episode 000

Matt Pycroft – Welcome to Terra Incognita

A few words from Matt on the origins of this podcast, and his hopes for its future.