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Episode 021

Alastair Humphreys – Leave me Here at Home

Al reads the final chapter from his new book ‘My Midsummer Morning’.

Episode 020

Alastair Humphreys – Busking for Bocadillos

Following in the footsteps of Laurie Lee, Al set out to walk through Spain with only a violin, and a modest repertoire of elementary tunes. Along the way he experienced vulnerability and uncertainty, but also extraordinary kindness on “The most frightening adventure I have done in years”.

Episode 017

Johannus Kallsgard – The Farmer at the Edge of the World

Jóhannus Kallsgard lives on Kalsoy, one of 18 islands in the North Atlantic that make up the Faroe Islands. Sheep farming in the Atlantic Ocean, where they have recorded wind speed of up to 280km/hr, is not without its challenges, but it does offer a peaceful existence.

Episode 016

Erling Kagge – Walking

Erling Kagge has been walking since he was thirteen months old. He has walked to the North Pole, to the South Pole, and to the top of Mount Everest. He has walked through the sewers of New York and the tunnels of Los Angeles, and he walks to work everyday in his hometown of Oslo. Erling’s new book, Walking, is about the love of exploration, the delight of discovery and the equilibrium that can be found in this most simple of activities.

Episode 014

Waldo Etherington – Learning to Fly

With a paraglider, bought via eBay, and a marathon of YouTube tutorials, Waldo taught himself to fly. In this dispatch, Waldo recalls one of his ‘whimsical’ speed-flying adventures in Chamonix.

Episode 012

Martin Hartley – Sidetracked

A short dispatch from Sidetracked’s Director of Photography on joy and hardship in the world of adventure. The Sidetracked Journal issue 14 is out now.

Episode 010

George Monbiot – Losing Sight of the Shore

In an age when the ping of an email or the silent buzz of a social media notification can interrupt you almost anywhere on the globe, how do we find solitude? For George, the answer is his sea kayak.

Episode 008

Anonymous – Escaping the Pyramids

What is urban exploration? The tabloids would have you believe that it’s teenagers dangling from cranes on building sites, but the reality is very different. Over decades, a group of larger-than-life characters have carved out a lifestyle that you might consider a work of fiction.

Episode 007

Aldo Kane – Unseen Enemy

In this dispatch, Aldo dives deep into his experience in West Africa helping document the 2014 outbreak of the Ebola virus, and talks about his appetite for risk, and how the reality on the ground differed dramatically to the story the world’s media were telling.

Episode 005

Nick Bullock – A Climber’s Voyage

The first in our ongoing series of book recitals, climber Nick Bullock reads from his 2018 book Tides; a treasury of his antics with some of the world’s leading climbers, pushing the limits on serious routes around the globe.

Episode 004

Waldo Etherington – Exploring the Canopy

In our first dispatch, self-proclaimed extreme recreational tree-climber Waldo Etherington reveals the secrets of the rainforest canopy, and its mysterious inhabitants.

Episode 000

Matt Pycroft – Welcome to Terra Incognita

A few words from Matt on the origins of this podcast, and his hopes for its future.